SPEAK MODalities is pleased to offer a support in the form of videos and therapy session cheat sheets and a technical support contact form. Links to additional websites are provided as reference materials.

Workshop materials:

San Jose State University March, 2014:

SJSU – AAC in Autism 1

SJSU – AAC in Autism 2 (3slides)

University of Central Florida February, 2014:

Workshop 1 – Pseudoscience 6-slides

UCF Promotional Materials – Wendt Presentation – revised 1 16 14


SPEAK MODalities is dedicated to providing the best evidence backed software solutions for developing language skills in children with autism and delays in speech development.


"SPEAKall!" is working incredibly with our children

We are using Speakall with children in a clinical setting and school setting, and it is working i...

Lloyd J Boudloche M.A., LBA, LPC-S, NCC
Behavioral Developmental Services, LLC

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